Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Favorite Things about "Back to the Manger"

I wanted to note my favorite memories about this year's Kids' Christmas Musical while they are still fresh on my mind:

On a personal note
  • My daddy got to be there! Many of you don't know my dad. He is disabled and hasn't be out and about much in the past few years, but God is doing new things and I was so excited that Daddy was able to be there on Sunday to see Jay and all of my Grace Kids. Actually, my dad is as smart, funny and talented as momma and loves the Lord so much; and I hope you all get a chance to get to know his better as time goes on. We appreciate your prayers for strength and grace for him each day. (Ironically, this is the first play momma has missed because she is serving as children's pastor in Gallatin!)
  • I was so proud of my "Jaybird"! In the past he has always had the play memorized, but I could never trust him with a big speaking part because I knew stage fright was likely to take over. This year was his year and I can see how he is growing up! What joy for this momma!

As Pastor Tonya:

  • I love that God calls people to serve him through children's ministry and I don't just mean kids. God calls adults through children's ministry too!
  • I am amazed at what a bunch of mostly 5-10 year olds can accomplish (we had a few 11 year olds sprinkled in there!). They really lived up to 1 Timothy 4.12. . ."Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young . . ." I was "sanctified proud"!
  • Getting to know the kids better and learning more about their individual personalities through our time together.
  • How just about 8 weeks ago Megan S was too shy to come to practice without momma and at 10:45 she "saved the day".
  • When Grace V said at practice that we should love ourselves as much as we love our neighbors.
  • Time to be around my sweet friend Larissa (it seems we only get to "hang out"' during Christmas play season, but she is one of my favorite people.)
  • A reminder that despite what the world says about parents, people really DO care about their kids and support them and sacrifice for them.
  • I'm jealous of Leah B and Amy T's sewing abilities, but so happy to have them around!
  • Proud of my former Grace Kids Patrick for being an amazing sound guy . . .all grown up.
  • Loving the idea of "costume changes". I'm sure the kids felt like "stars"!
  • Appreciated being able to have the program on Sunday morning which I'm sure made the kids feel extra special and allowed us to be ready to go without having to crash through Sunday afternoon set-up.
  • So grateful for all of our volunteer team!
  • Carson W was too cute doing those motions.
  • Can't wait for the little blond who loved be on stage during the handbells to be old enough to be in the "real" play - what spunk!
  • Glad that God works through cheesy "Back to the Future" themes and disco music!

Ready to see the DVDs! Hopefully they'll be available soon!