Monday, February 1, 2010

The Tower of Babel

This seems like an excellent tool to keep you updated on what the kids are learning in children's church and on Wednesday nights, so in addition to any random thoughts I post, you can check this out to get the conversation going with your kids about their Bible lessons! (We start a lesson/topic on Sunday morning and continue with activities on that same lesson on Wednesday nights . . .

This Sunday we will be looking at the Tower of Babel from Genesis 11.1-9. This is a great story that reminds us that we should do the things we do to bring attention to God, not ourselves. Sometimes we get so focused on things - good things, even things for God - that we leave him out of the picture. We don't ask for his help or guidance, and then we sit back and think about what a good job we've done. Yikes! When we do that, we've missed the point! God showed the people in the Bible story that they were nothing without him. Usually, when we feel like "nothing", it's because we've been trying to do things on our own.

Things to talk about:

How can we keep God as the center of all we do?
When someone gives us a compliment for a job "well done", how do we give glory to God?
Start each day with a prayer, for God to guide you.
Pick a verse, or part of a verse think about it when your brain is free - for ex. "Let them all praise the name of the Lord, for his name is very great" Psalm 148.13.

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