Monday, March 1, 2010

Sharing God's awesome truth

This week's scripture came from Isaiah 6.1-8. In this passage, Isaiah sees a vision that shows him how pure, awesome, and holy God is. In God's presence, Isaiah recognizes his own sinfulness and confesses it, then he his forgiven. Finally, Isaiah is called to go and be a messenger of God's truth and he responds, "Here I am! Send me!"

Through Isaiah we learned that we need to:
Remember - that we have disobeyed
Repent - turn away from our sinfulness and turn toward God
Receive - God's love and forgiveness
Rejoice - in God's goodness
Take Responsibility - to go and share God's truth.

By the way, when I spent a few minutes talking about God's awesomeness, holiness, and purity in the children's church lesson - there was a "holy hush" that fell over the room. The children were all very still and respectful . . .you have taught them well!

Some questions for discussion:

  • Who are the people with whom our family can share God's truth?
  • What would be our own special ways of doing that? What gifts/talents do we have? What do we enjoy doing and how can we turn that into sharing God's message of love and forgiveness?
  • How can we rejoice in what God has done for us?
  • Are there things that we need to remember and repent of so that we can keep our relationship with God on track?

On Wednesday night, we will continue exploring this lesson on Isaiah and how we can be messengers of God's truth!

Have a great week! You are loved!

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