Friday, October 22, 2010

Jesus love me

Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so . . .this is one of the earliest songs that some kids learn. For I while, I had Jeana Ruth singing it as my ringtone. Levi is singing it in the church nursery every week (along with a lot of other fun songs thanks to Mrs Denisa and First Steps in Worship). It seems to me that a love for Jesus comes easily for children who are taught about The One who loves them so much.

This makes me think that our job (as the church and as families) is not to get them to love Jesus so much as it is to nurture the love that has already been planted by God. Part of our task is to not squash or hinder God's owrk. I am reading the book Think Orange by Reggie Joiner and he talks about the powerful influence of church and family working together. (Like you can diet or you can exercise, but your best best is to do both!) Both the church and the family can point them to our amazing God!

So, for my role (representing the church) in the Grace Kids' lives my goal is to keep Jesus in the spotlight. I want to continually point them to a God who loves them more than they could possibly imagine and who has called them to be his children.

I encourage you (the family) to show your children unconditional love, to model honor and respect in your home and to leave them a legacy of faith (which is so much more important than an inheritance).

The wonderful thing is that God will enable all of us to do our parts. He doesn't expect us to be perfect . . .he knows we're just dust. And when we work together, we can help children continue to fall in love with our Great Big God!

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  1. Tonya - I love you and appreciate who you are and that you remind us who we are and especially who God is!!! he "is a great BIG GOD and he holds us in his hands!!!"